I just love the internet. I’ve been creating websites for over 20 years and the web never ceases to amaze (and horrify) me. But this great resource also needs a guid and writing and explaining tough subjects are a passion of mine.

I think it’s a pretty cool time to be a geek. So I might as well try and make you part of my world as much as I hope to share in yours.

Now who is this person telling you what I should read, and why should you listen to me? Well, I am Jeroen van Kleef, a professional journalist in The Netherlands and a self-professed geek. I wrote a book about the American Elections of 2016 and have been in the media industry in some form or another for 10+ years. Basically, I am a certified wise ass. 😉


Coming from a professional media company, I know how important it is to show your work. I might be taking this a bit too seriously but bear with me:

  • I track your every move. I also keep an eye on you through your webcam. So put that back in your pants.
  • All joking aside, I just use Google Analytics to see what you guys like and what you don’t.
  • This site is secured through encryption (thanks to Let’s Encrypt).
  • The hosting of this site uses 100% wind-powered servers (Confirmed by the Green web Foundation).
  • I use open source software wherever I can.
  • All pictures are either coming from Pixabay, are free of rights/fair use or are made by me.
  • Running a website isn’t free, so expect some form of monetization for me to make my money back. Nothing spectacular, just help me out so I can keep writing!
  • Be merry and turn your adblocker on, there is nothing here to block but go for it.


Want to get in touch with me? You can. The most effective method is Twitter. Click here to go and talk to me on the Donalds favorite medium.

Please note that I can’t possibly respond to every single message. However, I read them all and I will try to respond to as many as I can.