5 documentaries about tech and games you need to see

There is a plethora of great videos on tech and games you can watch on the web. I’ve tried to find some for you that you might not have seen yet, but are more than worth your time to actually watch. There are talks about games, hacking and a documentary about the World of Warcraft creation process.

Hacking ADS-B

Now for who might not know (and who really does) ADS-B is a system that transmits aircraft information to air traffic control. However this information is also displayed on websites like Flightradar24. Hacker Brad Haines found that there is some extra stuff you can do with that information that might not be the intended use of the system.

A classic game postmortem: Diablo

Creating a video game is a fun task, but if you are trying to create a game that will carry the logo of Blizzard on it,  that takes the task to a whole different level. One of the developers of the classic Diablo explains his route to the final product. It turns out that Diablo was meant to be turn based for one thing. He explains what the original plans where and what actually made it into the game.

Diablo is now on the third installment of the series. But Brevik left Blizzard in 2003. That made Diablo 2 the last game of the series he actually worked on. He also did a postmortem on this game.

How Blizzard came to be

Maybe not a talk as much as a documentary but the Blizzard retrospective video is worth your time. It gives you an overview of the history of the game studio and how it came to be the way it is today. It features pretty much all the people from Blizzard that you might know if you are a (casual) fan like me.


Free to play

It will not surprise anyone that I am a fan of esports. It is an exciting way of enjoying video games and the matches are of a level that actually competes with sports broadcasts from, say, ESPN. But the players have to sacrifice a lot to get to that big stage. That sacrifice, disappointment, and joy are on display in a documentary by Valve: Free to play. This documentary is actually about Dota 2, a game I haven’t played that much. If you haven’t either: don’t be discouraged, the human factor in this movie is more than worth it.

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