Battlefront controversy makes EA suffer

 · Written by namary

Hell hath no fury like gamers confronted with pay-to-win schemes like loot boxes in Battlefront 2. Yup, it was the week that EA released Battlefront and had to disable the microtransactions in the game.

EA, gamings favorite evil empire, has angered the Star Wars-community in the past week by making it an endless grind to play Luke or Darth Vader in Battlefront 2. Unless, of course, you pay. And as you can imagine that went over well with gamers. Well, it didn't. To the point that Disney forced EA to disable the microtransactions for the time being.

Of course, this is far from the first time that pay-to-win mechanics in games have sparked controversy. According to EA, however, this pay-to-win mechanic is nothing to worry about. It's merely a way to balance the game between those people who have time to grind and those who have money to skip that particular part of the game.

It was a bad week for Star Wars fans in general because another Star Wars game was canceled. This sparked some fans to create a petition on asking Lucasfilm to revoke the Star Wars game license from EA. This in obvious hopes that another game maker will do a better job of creating compelling Star Wars games. (Tie Fighter, anyone?)

In the meantime, EA really can't help itself. The CFO of the company explained at a conference what was going on. And to say the least: he didn't make any new friends in the community. Actually making it worse. And as you can expect, EA got some financial backlash from the recent controversy as well.

The Know

Youtube channel The Know has done three videos about the recent controversy at EA. They do a good job explaining it, so I will put you in their capable hands ;-).