Logitech G305 review, wireless gaming mouse for the masses?

Logitech has made some killer mice the last few years. This new series of gamer mice are equipped with a 12,000 dpi sensor that just rocks. Now the Swiss company is launching the G305, a wireless gaming mouse for as little as $60. But bringing the cost down means some tradeoffs.

The specifications of the mouse are as you’d expect from the Logitech gaming series. Including the HERO sensor and the 12,000 dpi sensor. The G305 also comes with a wireless receiver running on USB and an AA-battery.

Full Specs:
Sensor: HERO™
Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi
Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering
Max. acceleration: > 40 G1
Max. speed: > 400 IPS1
USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)

Battery life

According to Logitech the new G305 will run for 250 hours off of one battery. This seems to be an accurate number. I’ve been running this mouse for the better part of a week now and the battery is still going strong. The battery status is not apparent on the mouse though. If your battery level is low, the one led that is present on the mouse will light up. If you want to know your battery level before your gaming session starts, you’ll have to look in the Logitech software.

G305 Sensor

I can’t fault Logitech for the sensor. It’s smooth, accurate and gets the job done with no hitches. It even tracks well on the glass of my smartphone, although I wouldn’t recommend using your phone as a mouse mat. The Logitech G-Software lets you set the five different dpi levels that you can switch between with a button on top of the mouse. Personally, my maximum dpi has been 6000, only using about half this mouse can handle.

There have been some cost savings on this mouse though. One of those factors is the buttons. You get a generous five button mouse, but the buttons are a little bit loud and oddly shaped. They feel a bit cheaper, and the side buttons are strangely small, which makes them rather hard to hit. Fortunately, the buttons do offer some resistance so you can rest your hand comfortably on the mouse.

The mouse wheel is rather odd. It’s made with a rather strange feeling rubber and is a little bit too ‘clicky’ for my taste. But if that is something you like, then it won’t be a problem.


This is one specific to your taste. The G305 clearly is a basic mouse. There is no ergonomic shape to it, which adds the possibility that this mouse can be used by left-handed people without a problem.

That being said, its a rather small mouse, so people with large hands will have to ‘claw grip’ it or it won’t do much for you. My hands are relatively small, so I don’t have any trouble holding the mouse. Just be aware it is about the same size as the Pro and G203 mice.


The G305 is a rather basic wireless mouse. The secret sauce that Logitech adds is the HERO sensor and the lightspeed connections that does make this mouse about as fast and accurate as a wired one. The G305 does have some drawbacks: the mouse wheel is rather strange, the buttons are a bit loud and no RGB. But as a barebones wireless gaming mouse, this does the trick quite nicely.

Comfort 7
Finish/extras 5.5
Product Quality 7
Price/quality 6.5

Looking for something a little more elaborate and wired? Maybe the G403 is something for you. (We reviewed it too!)

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