Minecon Earth just revealed your new worst nightmare

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Minecon unleashed a new enemy on the Minecraft stage: The Monster of the Night Skies.

That new Minecraft creature was no accident. The devs proposed four new ‘mobs’ during the Minecraft Convention (Minecon). The audience got to vote for one of four new creatures to be unleashed into the world. The four options were all equally scary although maybe not as much as this flying beast. The creature is attracted to players who haven’t slept for a while and it is supposed to swoop down in groups to eat the flesh of your bones. Not something to stay awake for.

The voting for the new mob was done in several rounds. Every round the lowest scoring mob was dropped. Mojang reset the scores and another round of voting started. Mob B, the flying nightmare, won out over the three other creatures by a small margin. That other creature was no fun either. Something that burrows into the ground and has a ‘hunger’ for enchanted items. But the voting public (2229 votes in total) went for the flying monster. Given the options, I must say that this is by far the most interesting mob that was up for a vote.

Will Arnett

Minecon was hosted by Hollywood star Will Arnett and Lydia Winters from Mojang. The whole thing was about two hours long including the new mob. Thanks to the power of Youtube you can relive it in all its delightfully awkward glory.

Update Aquatic: Time for a swim!

Of course, there is a new update coming to Minecraft: Update Aquatic. After the World of Color-update, the new update is going to focus on everything happening in the sea. And yes, I know what you are thinking. There will indeed be dolphins.

All kidding aside, one major addition to Minecraft is going to be quite cool: objects will float. Rather than everything just sinking to the bottom, some items will actually be buoyant.  And there will be kelp and fish and icebergs. Dev Jens Bergenstein also told host Will Arnett that it will be possible to catch fish and let them loose in an aquarium that you build yourself.

The update is planned for release in spring 2018.

Super duper disappointment

The one thing that I was most looking forward to was the Super Duper Graphics update. However, Mojang is delaying that update until next year. The update promised 4K graphics and some really cool updates to the lighting and the water design. We did get a musical number though.


All in all, there are quite a few goodies awaiting us in 2018. Chances are if you are a regular player, the aquatic update will add some cool possibilities to your worlds. We’ll just have to live a little bit longer with the ‘old’ pixels.

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