These techtubers will also brighten your day

 · Written by namary

Youtube is an unending source of entertainment for geeks. Especially with these upbeat techtubers that will brighten your day. A while ago I wrote which techtubers will bring you some happy hardware news. Since y'all liked it, I've written a part 2.

As with the previous part, the next four Youtubers exclusively make videos about tech and hardware. That's why they call them techtubers. Another thing they all have in common is their lack of negativity. Now they aren't shills by any stretch of the imagination, but they do not go out of their way to harshen your tech mellow.

Steve from Hardware Unboxed

We need an Aussie in between the Americans in the last part. How about Steve from Hardware Unboxed? Now don't think I've just put him here as a packing peanut. Hardware Unboxed creates really extensive reviews of hardware that rival that of the other Techtubers. The accent and Steves pleasant demeanor are just another bonus.

This channel is gamer oriented. Although their Ryzen reviews do take into account other programs than just gaming, Steve loves his FPSses and 0.1% lows. Is that bad? No. If you want to know if your new toy will kick ass, Steve will let you know and he will suggest a better option to boot.

Steve from Gamers Nexus

If you want a deep dive into hardware, there is no better place than Gamers Nexus. To say that host Steve goes into hardware like it is a genuine science is no understatement. The tests and reviews they do are both fun to watch and actually educational. Especially for people who want to get into overclocking.

This channel is not for the faint of heart. Steve is no stranger to the more exotic tricks in the hardware book like delidding and liquid metal. If you want to get into these rather specialized areas of computer hardware: Steve is your guy.

Tech Deals

"Hello, welcome to Tech Deals!" The signature line from the host of this channel really sticks in your head. Crazily enough, I don't know his name even though I've been watching his videos for a long time.

That being said: Tech Deals is a great destination for gamers who want to get to know their future hardware. This channel specializes in price-to-performance and bang for bucks comparisons. You can be sure there will be a lot of fps statistics and gameplay footage in footage so you can see exactly what you are getting for your hard earned cash.

Wendell from L1 Techs

If you want an almost academic experience and Steve from Gamers Nexus wasn't in-depth enough, Wendell from L1 Techs might just punch your ticket. This channel is completely dedicated to Linux. Yes, you heard it... Linux.

With his typical well thought trough style of video, Wendell takes you along in the wonderous penguin world that is [enter distro here]. Recently Wendell and Linus from Linus Tech Tips collaborated on a video about Linux gaming. It shows that you can, if you want, even play games without even having Windows installed.

Is it niche? Sure. Is it fun? Hell yeah.