These techtubers will brighten your day

 ¬∑ Written by namary

Techtubers are an awesome crowd. You can truly get your geek on with them if you are interested in computer hardware. The content quality is good, and they clearly have a lot of fun creating their content.

Now there are more channels about tech than you can watch, but what sets the following techtubers apart is their sunny demeanor and (mostly) a total lack of negativity. Don't call them corporate shills though (they aren't), they are plenty honest when a product they are reviewing is just this side of crap.

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Kyle from Bitwit or Awesomesauce

Working with his wife Heather this Techtuber used to have a channel called Awesomesauce Network. He changed the name to Bitwit in 2017. Probably because his star is rising and Bitwit just sounds a bit more professional when you want to get those sweet product samples ;-).

He is most famous for uncorking a beer bottle straight into his face. Yes, you should see that video. This is why, my fellow nerds, you don't point those things at your face. He frequently is seen with another Techtuber on this list: Paul from Pauls Hardware.

Linus from Linus Tech Tips

Want a slightly more hyperactive experience? Linus is your man. Don't be fooled by the almost ADHD-style of Linus. He knows his shit. I could give you some highlights of his tenure at the platform (and I will below) but I think you should just watch. The back catalog of LTT is so extensive that it will keep you busy for days. Also, don't forget to watch Scrapyard Wars if you want something more serialized.

Jay from Jayztwocents

There isn't a shiny water-cooling kit that Jay hasn't tried. His claim to fame is the Tery Crews build that he made a while ago. And I have to admit that it was an absolute stunner. If you compare Kyle from Bitwit and Linus to Jay then you get a slightly more docile experience. Something I particularly like because these guys do have a lot of knowledge they are trying to convey.

Paul from Paul's Hardware

Paul is a classic hardware geek. His knowledge of computer hardware is immediately apparent when you watch any video he hosts on his channel. He also regularly makes video's that are intended for hardware novices. He guides you through selecting your parts and the building process.

Paul is frequently seen with Kyle from Bitwit. The chemistry between them just works and that's probably why they like each other and host the show "Awesome Hardware" together.