5 Star Wars Fan Films you should see

We have to wait for just a little while still for Solo. For people who need their daily fix from a galaxy far far away, there are a number of cool fan films. Usually, around 20 minutes these flicks have been made by fans like you. And sometimes you’d have trouble believing these movies are made by amateurs.

Days Past

It may not be the fanciest production, but the story is well thought out. You’d want to know more about the story after these few minutes and that is something rather rare in fan films.

Darth Maul: Apprentice (aka gratuitous lightsaber battle: the movie)

This project by T7Pro is partially an animation, made in the spirit of Rebels and The Clone Wars. And this part is what redeems this fan movie. The first few minutes are absolutely stunning. The set up is decent, but then it devolves into an endless lightsaber battle.

What it lacks in story (and it really does), this fan film really makes up in the beauty of the locations, decent acting, and plain good special effects.

The Distant Echo

It’s a bold choice when you try and recreate characters that people have seen in the cinema. It might just not work. However, in The Distant Echo, it kind of does. The special effects are quite decent and the acting is up to snuff too. Worth watching.

The Old Republic: Rescue Mission

Around twenty minutes of story focused fan film. That is pretty much a summary of ToR: Rescue Mission. The effects are quite nice and the story is quite compelling. Combine that quite good camera work and you got a nice 20 minutes of film.


I was so surprised how well the special effects are done in these fan films. Exile is no exception. This is rather a more horror like experience but boy do those effects look awesome. Exile must have a good location scout because they did an awesome job. But before you watch, this fan films is definitely rated R.

Bonus: A smugglers trade

This one is actually really good. Watch it.

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