Designated Survivor Season 2

The new TV season is getting up to steam quite quickly. This week saw the start of season 2 of Designated Survivor. The drama series starring Keifer Sutherland is set around the rebuilding of the United States after a devastating attack. And no, it’s not like ’24’ at all.

It’s hard to write anything about this series without spoiling some of the plotlines, so beware. The series is a suspenseful take on a rather desperate scenario in American politics where an attack decapitates the US government.

There is always one government official appointed to take over the government in case of emergency. A person that is away from the rest of the government so that an attack on something like the State of the Union does not wipe out the government completely.

This might seem rather outlandish and like something out of a movie but it actually is a real procedure to keep the US government running even in the worst case scenario. Again: outlandish but quite real as Richard Clarke explains to ABC.


As you can expect all the major actors from the first season return for the second run. Keifer Sutherland plays the president with Natascha McElhone on his side as first lady Alex Kirkman. Adan Canto, Italia Ricci, and Kal Pen play the senior White House staffers. And of course, the ‘Jack Bauer like’ agent Hannah Wells is portrayed by Maggie Q.

How to watch

To watch Designated Survivor in the United States, you’ll have to turn to ABC every Wednesday at 10 (9 central). However, if you are outside of the States, then you can turn to Netflix. Designated Survivor is posted on the video service every Thursday.


Designated Survivor has one thing working for at and at the same time working against it: Keifer Sutherland. The first few episodes I was waiting for Tom Kirkman to go full Jack Bauer on the terrorists. It didn’t happen and thank god it didn’t. Kirkman is indeed a meek person, not familiar with violence or anything remotely Bauer. But after seeing 200+ episodes of 24, I had a hard time forgetting him.

Now I said ‘thank god’ because I don’t think the audience would have reviewed Designated Survivor as positive if Sutherland went full-on action hero.  As it stands Designated Survivor is a must watch. Now don’t think this is going to be Game of Thrones territory popular, but it’s one of those series that you shouldn’t miss. Sutherland’s portrayal of president Kirkman carries the series and that is an impressive feat for an actor known for his action parts.

The series gets 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and that feels quite right to me.

Trailer season one

Trailer season 2


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