First look at Disney+

 · Written by namary

Should you add another streaming service to your portfolio? Disney plus, or Disney+ is vying for a spot in your home. At \$6.99 it's not exactly expensive but is it worth your time (and money)?

The streaming wars are at full blast now that Netflix has to compete with not only Amazon Prime Video but Disney+ (plus) and CBS All Access. And let's not forget Hulu as a streaming platform and the now slightly less interesting HBO GO. Cutting the cord is not exactly cheap anymore if you add al these subscriptions up.

On to Disney+ (plus) then. Making a long story short: it's fine. You can clearly see that Netflix has been in the streaming game for years. Compared to them, Disney+ (plus) is a little unpolished here and there. The interface is relatively intuitive and resembles other streaming services.

There are some little nags that I have about Disney+ (plus) that are mostly due to the fact that Disney+ (plus) is new and (I hope) isn't finished yet:

  • When you finish an episode, it returns you to the homepage instead of the next episode.
  • If watching from halfway through a season, Disney+ (plus) will insist you start from episode 1. Each and every time.
  • It doesn't register episodes you have watched unless you stopped watching halfway through.

The problem with Disney+ (plus) is mostly a matter of content. There isn't a whole lot of it (yet). Disney seems to know well where it's bread and butter lies. The interface is split up between Disney content, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. Obviously there will be more content added to the library over time. Especially since Disney bought 20th Century Fox recently. So maybe some Simpsons might be in our future?

So should you get Disney+ (plus)? Yes, no, yes, no, yes and no. At \$6.99 it isn't exactly expensive. On the other hand, the service is limited to a rather small amount of content right now. I'd recommend that you don't jump in right now, and see this as an added service you check into every once in a while for a month or two. Unless you have kids of course. The Pixar and Disney movies are there so they can go wild. So yes and no, but there is no hurt in trying it. Just don't expect it to be Netflix v2.0.