Game of Thrones concert experience review

 · Written by namary

Rather than rewatching the series, you could go and see a Game of Thrones concert. All the music that you know from the series is played by a full orchestra and there even is a flying violinist. And all of that is in the capable hands of composer Ramin Djawadi, who scored the series and conducts the concert.

So what does a concert with only Game of Thrones music look like? First of all, Djawadi made a choice in the music. He played early music in the first half of the show. Season 7 then followed the second half of the show.

All of the music was accompanied by scenes and audio from Game of Thrones, displayed at three big screens in the background. This helps a lot if you are not able to recall all the music and put them into context. During performances, the orchestra is also displayed on the big screens so you won't miss any part of the show.

Music is coming

And don't think you are just getting the music. This is a full-blown piece of geeky performance art. The screens actually add something to the experience. Besides that, the staging of the event is very elaborate. There are three stages in the concert hall. The main stage is where the orchestra and choir are located. Two substages house the performances of different solo-artists. That includes one flying violinist. Yes.

The music is adapted to the format as Djawadi has previously stated. He might have added a choir piece here and there. He can now freely adapt the experience to the concert halls since he is not bound to the scenes.

To see the entire setlist of the concert, you can click here.

One thing the concert isn't is the 'great Ramin Djawadi'-show. The maestro says a few lines during the show but that is limited to the odd 'thank you' and 'now season 7 music'. This is different from the shows that composers like James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer have done so far, where they are the star of the show. That being said, you get to see him conducting and performing(!!) the most famous parts of his music.

The performance

This also exposes the weak point in the show. If the performers are the ones taking center stage, they better be awesome. And for the second half of the performance we saw in Amsterdam, this was certainly true. The first half was mired with small mishaps and errors. Especially the fact that the audio was too loud made for some really annoying problems. The choir seemed to suffer the most as they were clearly not able to hear themselves sing, which means they sang off key every so often.

But truth be told, this is the only problem I could find in the show. Djawadi really made an effort in putting together a show that fans will enjoy the heck out of. And he succeeded. The whole show really was an homage to the series and to the musical stories he tried to tell.

Composer Ramin Djawadi is touring Europe during the spring of 2018 with the Game of Thrones concert experience. Later in the year, he is going back to the US and playing another 25 venues.