John Williams, composed by AI?

 AI is the future. Well, it’s sort of now and sort of in the future. Today what you might call AI is machine learning. Machine learning is not the android like Data in Star Trek but a computer that learns for itself.

So rather than being an intelligence all on its own, it’s rather more a machine that can learn from a large body of data like classical music. After learning Mozart and Bach, you can give it tasks like making predictions based on those compositions.

Now, I wouldn’t be telling you all this if there wasn’t an incredible Youtube-video to go along with it. At CES, Nvidia showed that it has taught a computer to compose. It knows everything about classical music basically. Now just imagine what happened when they fed it (specific) John Williams music:

For those of you who are fans of Willams, the music actually sounds like the master himself. Sort of. One of the pieces they fed the AI was clearly Rey’s Theme from The Force Awakens. But still, a computer being able to ‘predict’ how John Williams would compose is pretty epic.

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