Why the internet is awesome: Jurassic Park Geekery

 · Written by namary

It wasn't apparent to me but there is a lively scene of geekery about Jurassic Park. Conspiracy theories, explanation video's and some weirdly cool ethical discussions are on the menu when you start to browse around.

A lot of this is happening on Youtube. But first things first. Most of the discussion is centered around the new movie and well then you need to see the trailer:

Will Fallen Kingdoms be a horror movie?

Now that you've done that, let's dive a little bit deeper into the matter. Klayton Fioriti dives into what he thinks is going to be the nature of the new movie. Will it be as 'Disney' as the first films or will it really go into horror-like territory?

And how about that story line?

Dennis Nedry

Nedry was a rather nasty sysadmin from the first movie. Feeling underappreciated all the time, he tried to sell some of the dinos to a competitor. Inadvertently setting of the chain of events which landed us pretty much here. BestInSlot tries to explain it all in this 7.5 minute video.

And don't think JP movies are easy to create...

They aren't. Especially if you think that Michael Crichton passed about 10 years ago. And even when he was alive, it wasn't easy to make a new movie after The Lost World. Several scripts were chucked because the story wasn't compelling enough.