The Star Wars story up until The Last Jedi

Nine Star Wars movies, a slew of books and an even bigger number of episodes of Rebels and The Clone Wars. It’s hard to keep track of the Star Wars universe sometimes. Luckily the internet comes to your rescue, as it always does, with some pretty neat ways to get those storylines straight.

Before George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney, the Star Wars universe was rather large. After the release of the original trilogy, many writers took a stab at creating an original storyline that expanded upon the first three films. This meant that the storylines all became interconnected. But they did not necessarily fit neatly together without conflicts.

That is where ‘new canon’ comes in:

So the limitations put on what now is ‘canon’ under Disney, gives them some wiggle room when developing new stories. And it fixes the obvious contradictions in different stories that are now ‘legends’.

Current Canon

So that gets us to the current storyline. This is what the entire saga looks like when you put all of the ‘canon’ items together.


But if there is a canon timeline, there also is one for legends. These are all the stories that Disney has removed from ‘canon’. They are still good stories, they might just be contradicting the official timeline. So take them as you would with every myth, like those from ancient Greece.



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