Election Bonus Part 1: Listening

If you are getting caught up in the election fever, there are things you can do to make it even exciting: podcasts.

Podcasts are a very nice way to stay informed of the daily developments surrounding the American elections. They are of very high quality and completely free. Just use a free Spotify account or any other podcast app to listen.

Here are some podcasts that you can listen to that are Namary approved:

The NPR Politics Podcast

This is my favorite. The NPR team explains the news every single day in a podcast that lasts about 15 minutes. The team is insightful, funny and upbeat. Combine that with years of experience in politics and you have a combination that just rocks.

Want to listen to the pod? Click here!

The FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

If you’ve never heard the name Nate Silver, then you probably don’t know FiveThrityEight.com either. Silver is a statistician who predicts the election results based on his own statistical model. And if you are not into reading, his team also creates a podcast which is about as funny as the NPR politics podcast but with 95% more statistics. They do not mess about though, so don’t listen to this podcast in bed if you want to keep up.

Want to listen to FiveThirtyEight? You can do that right here!

The Daily Show Ears Edition

Trevor Noah presents the famous Daily Show on Comedy Central. And it even has a special “ears edition” for those of us who prefer to listen to the news rather than watch it.

Although Trevor Noah might not be as serious a news man as the above podcasts, he knows his stuff and always finds the humor in even the biggest political gaffe.

Try the Daily Show Ears Edition? You can do so right here.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show podcast

Technically, this isn’t a podcast as much as an audio copy of the TV show that airs every weekday on MSNBC, Now I know some of you will get ‘interesting feelings’ from the mere mention of MSNBC but on any day the host Rachel Maddow, who holds a doctorate from Oxford University, connects past and present political stories to each other to give the viewer insight in the way power and politics work.

You can listen to the Rachel Maddow Show Podcast here.


The previous podcasts are national podcast. But Iowa Public Radio has a very good podcast about just their 2020 primary called Caucus Land. The podcast describes the history, current struggles and future of the first in the nation caucus.

Want to know more about Iowa and the Iowa caucus? Next week I’ll write a blog about it. And of course you can listen to the podcast:

Caucusland lives here!

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