Intel Coffee Lake (8700K) reviews

Intel has been in hot water ever since the launch of AMD’s new Ryzen processors. It’s the first time in the better part of a decade that they had any kind of competition to take into account. So Intel has some catching up to do with their eighth generation Core processors called Coffee Lake. And it’s new I7 flagship, the 8700K, brings some interesting improvements to the table.

The new batch of processors is supposed to give AMD a run for its money. And from the different reviews on the web, it seems Intel has done just that. The new flagship (the 8700K) reviews have been quite favorable with the best part being an increase in core count from 4 to 6. AMD is still giving us more cores, but the performance per thread on Intel processors is higher because of the higher clock speeds.

Those higher clock speeds also mean Intel still is the best choice for people who are only gaming on their PC.  AMD’s Ryzen, particularly Ryzen 7, still is an interesting part for those who do more than just game.

Intel Coffee Lake

These new chips aren’t without their flaws though. Basically, they offer not that much more than the previous generation apart from the increase in core count. So you are getting more for your money but you’ll also have to invest in a new Z370 motherboard. That means that you’ll be spending quite a bit of cash on the new platform. Moreover, these boards tend to be a lot more expensive than the B350 boards that AMD has on offer. And let’s face it: getting a pc part on or below the suggested retail price is quite a rarity these days too.

That is where Intel’s offering right now might be in a bit of trouble. In the end, everything comes down to the price-performance ratio and AMD has made some impressive inroads with the Ryzen chips. If AMD lowers the prices of its R5/R7 series, Intel’s 8th generation of Core processors might not be able to stop the march of team red.

Video reviews

A new release like this comes with NDA’s, secrecy and a whole lot of techtubers ;). You can watch some of my favorites here:

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