Review: Rock Zircon earphones

I’d never heard of the Chinese company Rock before. Through some recommendations, I bought a pair of their Rock Zircon earbuds and was blown away by the sound.

The company Rock isn’t known much outside of China. However, through different webshops, you can easily import these cheap headphones yourself. That’s what I did and as I wrote before you won’t be disappointed.

The earbuds are delivered in a small but good looking cardboard packaging. The Rock Zircon comes with 3 different sizes rubber tips that are quite different than the ones from other brands. Beware if you are prone to losing your tips, as they are not easily replaceable.

Sound Quality

The headset itself is made of Zircon, hence the name. According to the manufacturer, the material enhances the sound quality. The set sports 8 mm neodymium drivers with a heavy lean towards bass. The Rock Zircon also sports an angled 3.5mm mini-jack plug and a braided cable right up to where the cable splits. There you’ll find a remote with just the one button and an included microphone.

The sound signature of these earbuds can best be described as, well… A chihuahua. Overjoyed, barking all the time but just extremely fun to listen too. Don’t go looking for anything remotely like a ‘reference’ quality in these Rock buds. Just don’t. They are made to have fun with and nothing else.

The reason why I say this is the incredibly fun bass sound signature that Rock has but into this headset. It just makes you grin like the joker. The headset is extremely bass heavy and sports a nice sub-bass sound that you might need to tweak a bit in the equalizer. This means however that something in the sound has to suffer because of the heavy leaning signature. That would be the mids. The highs, however, are clear and about as good as that kicking bass. All in all, we’re talking about a headset that will make you smile but will in no way give you a reference sound.

Rock Zircon Build quality

That brings us to a rather big problem with this headset. The Rock Zircon has good sound, a braided cable, and an angled plug. However, the durability of these headsets isn’t quite the best. The earplugs themselves consist of two parts, glued together. And that glue tends to come loose after some time. You can just simply reassemble them yourself but it just not what you’d want.

It’s a shame of the production quality of the Rock Zircon because I would be raving about them if they didn’t fall apart so easily. However, if you treat them right you will get a year’s worth of use out of them. Dropping them, knocking them or anything else might simply break them off you’ll need to put them back together.

That being said, if you are careful you get a quite impressive sound quality out of these earbuds. Given that they are regularly on sale for around $9-12 you could do way worse for the price. And that sound signature will just simply put a smile on your face every single time you use them.

Sound Quality 8
Comfort 8
Finish/extra’s 3
Price/quality 6

Bought for $12

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