This Week in Geek: Nintendo makes a Switch

You’d think Nintendo was down and out after seeing it’s Wii U fail. However the NX was coming. It turns out that the NX is a tablet/console hybrid that will be called ‘Switch’.


Based on the few things we know right now, Switch will be powered by a Nvidia Tegra chip. The Tegra series is the mobile chip series that has powered the Nvidia Shield tablets. It is supposed to be an unannounced/custom chip. That might be a nice change for the graphics giant because just about all consoles are powered by AMD chips.

Lets hope this new console isn’t another Wii U. The sales figures were just painful and plummeted the console maker into a crisis. If this console turns out not te be the savior of Nintendo, they might also consider the blockbuster succes of Pokemon Go as a strategy.

Oh and did I mention that Civilization 6 has been released this week?

And Battlefield 1 too…


Things in the tech world will get interesting next week. Both Microsoft and Apple will hold announcement events.maceventoct2016The Apple event will most likely be about new Macs. Expect something in the order of new Macbooks. Most likely there will be some new Macbook Pro’s since some of the models are ancient. Maybe there will be a redesign?

Some rumors suggest that there will be a set of oled keys that replace the function keys. A bit like Art Lebedev’s Maximus but only the function keys. There might also be a new Mac Pro and Mac Mini as the last update of those is from 2013 (Pro) and 2014 (Mini).


As for Microsoft things will be a lot simpler than they were a year ago. Most likely the tech giant will launch some new products but Windows central expects it to be a lot less elaborate than last year.

The TL;DR of it is new Surface products, announcement of Redstone 2 features and not much more. There is one interesting rumor though: an all-in-one. The idea being that Microsoft will go after the iMac-user and create a 4K Windows machine with all the hardware inside the monitor casing including a Nvidia GTX 1080. Yup, a 1080.

And last but not least Microsoft might be getting into the same home speaker game as Amazon and Google. So maybe you can start speaking to Cortana from your couch soon too. Read this article if you want all details.


We are coming up on Blizzcon on the 4th and 5th of November and the huge amount of championship tournaments in one weekend.

But the coming weekend is no slouch either. There are WESG qualifiers in the Americas for Hearthstone and Starcraft II. There are also PGL European qualifiers in CS:GO.

Series and movies

This week I am going to give you a simple recommendation to watch: Designated Survivor. Now I know, you think that Keifer Sutherland is going to go all Jack Bauer by episode 2. He isn’t. And that makes it both weird and a pleasure to watch.

If you are outside the United States and Canada, you can go to Netflix and watch the series there.

Inside North America you can either watch on ABC or go to Hulu.

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