This Week in Geek: Stickershock galore

The new strategy of Google is to go full Apple. Is the Pixel phone rocking great specs? Yes. Does it have a great camera? Yes. Metal body? Yes. But don’t think you’re gonna get it for Christmas. Santa isn’t made of money, you know. The same stickershock befell the owners of an Oculus Rift who want fancy new those controllers to go with their 699$/ € headset. 


The controllers for the Oculus are expensive. They are amazing according to Mashable but expensive. How expensive? $149 dollar. If you remember that the headset itself will set you back around $700 to begin with, that might feel a bit steep. Now the HTC Vive ain’t no bargain either but it includes the controllers.

On to the Googles! The new Pixel phones are pretty much on par with the new iPhones. This is a significant shift in strategy by Google. Android has always been a more accessible platform than Apple because of the much lower price point. That has just changed. The new Pixel phones are on spec with the iPhone and also on the same price level as Apple. The Pixel will start at $649 for the 32 GB version. The Pixel XL will cost $769 for the 32 GB version. The 128gb versio is $100 more expensive.

In the mean time Blackberry has stopped production of their own phones. The company was popular before Android and iOS with their 8000 and 9000 series. Those were the ones with the keyboards that required a rather expensive additional subscription service. This will not be the end of Blackberry though. The company will be selling it’s software to other phone makers.


It is Starladder time for Hearthstone pro’s. So there is a whole weekend of cool games ahead of us. It starts friday night and continues on saturday. Later on Saturday the world championship also continues. The WESG qualifiers for Starcraft II are also underway on saturday. Don’t expect too much Heartstone/Starcraft II on sunday though. The docket all but empty. You can, as pretty much any weekend, fill your time with CS:GO.


Sometime soon we are going to reach peak Gilmore. What’s that? The peak of the mania that is the relaunch (although only 4 episodes will be released) of the show Gilmore Girls. Now I know that the typical geek isn’t really looking into this show, but I suggest that you should. It’s warm blanket TV that will pretty much never make you feel bad. So this mania part really is a thing thanks to some marketing efforts by Netflix. The new series will be on Netflix from the 24th of November.


This week saw the release of Maffia 3. It’s one of the bigger titles of the year. It is presenting a mobster filled open world for players to lay ruin to. The launch was not flawless and the first patches of the game are already in development. There were no review copies of the game available to the major outlets so reviews of the game are sparse if at all available. So the only way to know if it is any good, is to simply buy a copy and try. (Or just wait a until after the weekend)

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