This week in Geek: That iPhone 7… Oh My!

Yes, it’s the day we all knew was coming. A new iPhone was launched this week and ‘Oh My‘ was it a marketing doozy. Now being a pragmatic Android user myself, I always keep an eye out for the juggernaut that is Apple and this weeks keynote did not disappoint. But maybe for another reason than you might think.

Tech (well… Gadgets)

That new iPhone you have been waiting for since september last year, is finally here. Well, it will be here soon. Below you can see the entire Apple event. As the company from Cupertino has a knack for marketing and powerpoint, it is a good watch if you are keeping up with new gadgets. Now lets wait a month and find out what Google’s answer is going to be.

The most interesting fact however is not the evolutionary iPhone 7.  Sure, it’s a fine phone but nothing really crazy has happened to it for a while now. What is a bit more of a surprise is that Nintendo is planning to release games on other platforms. And specifically that shiny new iPhone you probably just pre-ordered. With some artists releasing exclusively on Apple music and now Nintendo saying they will release on iOS first, it looks like Apple is betting on you choosing an iPhone based not only on it’s shiny looks but also the content you can play on it. That might just rub some people the wrong way.

Movies & Series

Remember the miracle landing on the Hudson river in New York? No? Well, to absolutely nobodies surprise there was a movie made about this flight. Director Clint Eastwood and leading man Tom Hanks tell the story of what happened after the plane came down and the investigation that followed. Although the NTSB disputes the rather negative impression one might get from the movie about the investigative body.

The Youtube creator community has had a major freak out this week over Youtube demonetizing their videos. The action by Youtube is a move in line with their advertiser-friendly guidelines that turns off advertisements on videos that contain nudity, profanity and a whole host of other things. The Daily Dot explains how this controversy came to be. The long and short of it: a lot of videos were erroneously demonetized and since a lot of Youtubers actually make a living on the site this impacts them directly.


It is sale time again! Intrepid pc gamers with a Humble Bundle account can load up on some pretty neat deals. May I be so bold as to recommend the original Sanctum for a whopping 1,79.


This weekend sees the tournament for the SEA championship of Hearthstone in Thailand. However if you are living in the US and intent to watch the tournament, you better prepare to get up early.

There are also ESL Nexus championships going on for Blizzards Heroes of the Storm.

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