This Week in Geek : Bye bye Vine

The fact that Twitter is in trouble, should surprise nobody by now. However that trouble took a whole new turn this week with the announcement that 300 people will be laid off and that videoservice Vine will close.


I think nobody in the tech industry had a boring week. Twitter announced it would get rid of Vine, and fire a bunch of people. Then the pornsite Pornhub announced it was more than willing to buy Vine. Six seconds is enough, apparently. Then there were announcements from the big two: Microsoft and Apple.


The tech giant from Cupertino was due to give the Macbook pro lineup a spruce. And it did so in a big way. First it pretty much killed the Macbook Air. In its place a new 13 inch Macbook pro was launched at the event. And yes, they launched their top models with the new touchscreen replacing the function keys.

Some tech journalists think that the new iteration of the Macbook lacks innovation. The touchbar seems to be somewhat inspired by the oled keyboard that studio Art Lebedev created a few years back. The rather expensive keyboard gave flexibility in assigning icons and functions to keys.

The new Macbooks Pro can be pre-ordered now and will set you back between $1500 and $2800 depending on the model and specs of your choice.

The Verge made a summary of the Apple event so you can watch it in all its Powerpointy glory:


The ‘other’ announcement was from Microsoft. This was less of a product launch and more of a general update on the things the ‘other’ tech giant was working on. Now don’t think there weren’t a lot of nice new goodies to hold you over the holidays. Among other things there is a new update of Windows 10 coming and there are some new VR headsets for something similar to Googles’ Daydream and a Twitch alternative by Microsoft.

Microsoft renewed it’s Surface line of products and added an all-in-one that follows a design that is akin to the iMac.

Again The Verge made a supercut:

Movies & Series


Boy did Hello Games have a bad week. Well, maybe year. The Twitter of the studio was hacked and ‘defaced’. Defaced was in quotes because well, the hacker was telling the truth. However fans of the game came to it’s defense as is evidenced by this screenshot made by Polygon. It took a while for the web to catch up to the hack, as several media reported the tweet as being real.

Also, you can get your games on the cheap again. This time through the Steam Halloween sale.

For now, watch this teaser of the new Hearthstone expansion made by Polygon.


I am going to make an extra geek this week about Blizzcon and it’s many esports events. Be sure to check that out on Sunday. In the mean time: check the schedule here.

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