When you try to write a text describing what Italy is like, you assume someone doesn’t know what to expect. As for Italy, everyone has an idea about this country. Is it as special and beautiful as you imagine? Hell yeah.

Italy is steeped in history and a lot of that history is on display when you travel around the country. You can go back in time to ancient Roman times and feel you are actually there. I really love that so many parts of ancient Rome are so well preserved and you can actually see what it was like.

On the other hand, Italy and the Italians are about as cosmopolitan as it can get when you are in Rome and Milan. And they can be as southern European as it can get when you go down to Naples and Sicily.

Italy has something on offer for everyone.

Do you want to read more about Italy and the amazing journeys you can take when you visit Italy? Go to this link to read more.


Italy has an extensive public transport network. In the large cities the network is excellent and depending on your destination outside of the cities you can find good connections in the rest of the country too.

The train network is extensive and the trains are usually clean and decently on time. International trains are prone to delays, though. If you are traveling on an international train, then make sure you have enough time between transfers to your next train. I would recommend a minimum of 30 minutes. If your train is on time, then you can get a cup of coffee while you wait on your next train.

The Panteon
The Pantheon

As for the network itself, know there is a separation in the system. There are ‘normal’ trains which run commuter services and normal long-distance trains.

Then there is Italy’s high-speed network of long-distance trains. These are comparable to France’s TGV and Germany’s ICE. Tickets are not interchangeable and you need to book specifically for these fast trains.


Italy has large airports in Milan and Rome and quite a few smaller ones which are more oriented towards European flights in cities like Venice, Bergamo and Naples.

If you are getting an intercontinental flight, chances are you will fly into Rome or Milan. From there you can travel on by plane or take a train to your final destination.

There are cities which are served by multiple airports. These are for example Venice, Rome and Milan. Some of these airports are receiving more low-cost flights than the others. The Ciampino airport in Rome is a perfect example of this. It might be worth it to you cost wise to fly into these airports rather than the main ones.


Just like in Germany the Italians have cars in their blood. It is the birthplace of Ferrari after all.

The road network is extensive and generally decently maintained. In the northern part of the country snow is common so you’ll need to take precautions if you are driving there in winter.

As I am not a driver, I will point you to a website with more information about driving in Italy. Like this site from the official Italian tourism agency.

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