Lunch in Rome

Don’t skip eating breakfast while you are in Rome. I know, there is so much to see that you’ll be short on time. But don’t skip the food. It really is part of the attraction of the city. Now there is no reason why you can’t be ‘quick’ in Rome. You just have to know what to look for.


Rome really has a great coffee culture. On pretty much every street corner you can get a perfect (and I mean perfect) cup of coffee. Especially if you love your espresso and cappuccino, then Rome is like heaven for you.

Remember: sitting down for coffee is usually expensive. Just stand at the bar and drink it there. Otherwise you might be in for a bit of a shock when the bill comes.

You can get amazing coffee everywhere in Rome.


Getting a panini in Rome is easy as pie. This piece of bread is a staple in most coffee shops. They will have a selection right in the display case. There will be several varieties so you’ll not be disappointed, but making a choice might be a bit hard. Ask for help if you need it, but if you are there during rush hour, the staff might not have lots of patience with you as there are probably 5 other people behind you that are in a rush to get on with their day.


What? Pizza for lunch? What heresy! Yes, yes, I know. It might seem a bit odd, but pizza is actually a perfectly good lunch option in Rome. This is because Pizza can be bought by weight rather than that one rather large thing you get back home.

In a pizza shop there will be several sheets of pizza ready to be baked. These will be different pizzas with all kinds of ingredients. Some are posh, some are your basic tomato sauce with cheese. Depending on the fanciness, the price per 100 grams or kg will be noted somewhere on or near the pizza. Now it is a bit hard to judge how much a particular piece costs, but chances are the price will be pretty reasonable. (A typical store-bought pizza in Europe is around 400 grams, so that should give you somewhat of a reference)

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