The ruins of Ostia Antica

When you fly into Romes Fiumicino airport, you almost can touch the coastal village of Ostia. The modern day village of Ostia is nice and has a large beach front for you to relax at. But this is not why it has an almost magical allure to me. That would be the ancient part: Ostia Antica.

How much time should I spend here?3-5 hours
How much does it cost?It depends
How far from the city center?20-30 minutes
What modes of transport are available?Train
What is the nearest subway stop?Ostia Antica
Where can I find it?Google Maps link
Is there an official website?Click here

This village was around in the time of Julius Caesar and was the port city of Rome. That might not mean much these days, but access to the sea was an important part of being able to run a city like Rome in ancient times. It makes sure you can sell goods and get supplies like grain to the city.

That village, that important port for the city of Rome, still exists today. It looks a little worse for 2000 years of wear, but you can still visit it.

Ostia Antica street

What can you see in Ostia Antica?

Ostia Antica is an archaeological park today, much like Pompeii. So what you see is what is left over from that period. You’ll need a bit of imagination to understand what you are looking at but there aren’t many places save for Pompeii that are better preserved than Ostia.

Ostia Antica

In the pictures you can clearly see that most buildings don’t have roofs anymore and it is mostly the walls that are still in one piece. Here and there a part of the floors is still present. The city gives a feel of a crowded place that must have been quite windy and dark because the buildings were so close together.

Floor mosaic in Ostia Antica

If you have a vivid imagination, Ostia can be a really great trip outside of the confines of the center of Rome. There are of course cool other trips you can make outside of the city, like Castel Gandolfo which I would recommend too.

As for Ostia Antica itself, you can decide entirely how much time you want to spend here.

Ostia Antica is close to the beach so you can combine the ancient site with the modern day Ostia and its beach life. But be aware of the how close you are to the airport.

Ostia Antica

How to get to Ostia?

You’ve got to love the public transport in Rome. The archaeological park has a dedicated train station that directly connects it to the city center of Rome. The train departs from the Piramide train station in Rome and takes about 20 minutes.

At the time of writing, the train tickets are really cheap. This is because the trains are part of the Roman integrated transport zone. This means you can take the metro from your hotel to Piramide and then on to Ostia, all on the same ticket. That would cost you 1 euro 50 one way.

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