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The United Kingdom(UK) is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The country has a rich history, and a lot of that history is on display when you travel the country. As with many countries, when you visit the UK you’ll find it is a country of contrasts.

When you are in the cities (and London in particular) the country differs completely from when you are in the Lake District or the Peak District. And even the difference between London and cities like York and Newcastle is stark.

Safe to say there is a lot to explore in the UK and I can say without any reservations that the UK has something on offer for everyone.

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The train network in the UK is impressive, if a bit expensive and complex. As private companies run the trains, you need to pay attention when booking your ticket. Long-distance trains work like airplanes, so if you go for cheap tickets it probably binds you to a specific train.

London Victoria train station

Commuter trains are a little more easy and you can get in some pretty remote places using these. So you should be able to do a lot of sightseeing using the UK’s excellent public transport network.

I’ll go into more detail about the trains in the UK on this page.


The United Kingdom has a lot of airports you can fly into from overseas. If you are flying in from Europe, you can most likely find an airport close to you final destination.

If you are flying in from another continent, you might find you’ll have to do a bit more traveling afterwards, but you should be fine. You can travel on by train afterwards or get a connecting flight to your destination.

The major airports in the UK are Heathrow(London), Gatwick(London), Manchester airport and Edinburgh(Scotland). But there are many more around the country.


As I am not a driver, I will link you to a page that gives you more info than I can give. If you want to know more about driving in the UK, you can visit this page.

As for public transport I can tell you that the network inside and outside the cities is excellent. Especially in the cities busses and street cars are running regularly and offer a quality service. In several cities you can take a double-decker bus and have quite a pleasant view while on your way.

The London underground

There is also a network of long-distance busses. These busses can take you to the larger places in the UK for a decent price. The busses are run by companies like National Express and Megabus.

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